Our staff team are committed to the outdoors and we currently have two staff members who are qualified FSA certified Forest School leaders. We run weekly sessions at the woods for our three to five year old age group and make regular visits with our younger children. 

In the local woodland environment staff provide opportunities for supported risk, appropriate to the environment and the learners. This enables children to become confident and learn the skills required to manage risk for themselves. We strive to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and to educate the children on sustainable use of the site. Children may be involved in activities such as cooking snack on a fire, learning how to use tools safely, building dens, tying knots and identifying different types of plants, flowers and wildlife in their surroundings.

FSA Forest School Principles

  • The group of children have regular and repeated contact with the same woodland, enabling them to observe changes in the environment/seasons, etc. The structure of sessions is planned through observations of the group and their needs. Learners are involved in the planning and their interests followed.
  • Ideally the site will be woodland or a wild environment, which supports the relationship between the learner and the natural world. The Forest School leader monitors the ecological impact on the site and works to ensure sustainability.
  • Forest School promotes holistic development for all, which builds self-esteem and resilience. Where appropriate the leader will link experiences between Forest School with nursery/school and home.
  • Forest School provides opportunities for supported risk, appropriate to the environment and the learners. Leaders understand and support risk, allowing children to become confident and learn the skills to manage risk for themselves.
  • The group must be led by a Forest School Leader who holds the level 3 qualification. The group must maintain high practitioner to learner ratios.
  • Forest School is a learner centered process, which builds a community for learning.  The needs and interests of the learners are followed and the leader is reflective, adapting the experiences to meet the needs of the group.

More information about Forest School can be found on the FSA website www.forestschoolassociation.org

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