As children reach the age of three, they become eligible for Government Funding for Early Learning and Childcare. We follow the Early Level of Curriculum for Excellence putting great emphasis on children leading their own learning, guided by a strong team of staff who are skilled at interpreting the children’s wishes and needs. 

At First Nursery we aim to provide the children with the opportunity to learn skills for life, building their resilience and self-esteem through encouraging independence, the taking of responsibility and the building of relationships with other children and the staff team.

The children have the freedom to select from a range of activities such as role play, construction, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, music and singing and sensory and malleable play (water, sand, playdough etc.) Through a system of Floorbook planning, small groups of children will take part in mind mapping and planning their learning. This may involve a focus on a particular topic selected and led by the children.

Staff will always be available to receive information and to pass on information when children arrive at nursery and when they are collected. Daily updates and general news of what is happening in Nursery are shared with parents through our communication app. The member of staff on duty will also give verbal feedback to a parent when they collect their child. In addition staff use the communication app to record photographs and experiences in the nursery. These are shared with the children as well as with the parents and carers throughout the year and give the opportunity to record and follow the child’s progress and development at Nursery.

Early Learning and Childcare Funding

Available for 3 year olds and 4 year olds. For more information call us on 01721 724395 or to email us via our contact form click on the ‘Go’ button

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