Our Manor Room accommodates up to six babies from three months up to two years of age. We have three fully qualified staff working with this age group and Team Leader Verne is a certified IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) instructor. All of the staff team are fully qualified and have been specifically trained to work with the under-three age group.

In the Play Area of the Manor Room the babies have opportunities to explore shapes and textures in a range of changing sensory baskets; practice developing physical skills as they learn to crawl, walk and climb; indulge in lots of messy play with paint, water and bubbles. There are always staff members on hand to tell stories, sing songs and nursery rhymes or just have a cuddle if it’s needed. All of the experiences planned for the children aim to encourage exploration of their world and stimulation of their curiosity. Our caring and nurturing environment offers a bright and airy space which opens up onto a verandah, giving daily access to the outdoors. The separate sleep area allows for periods of quiet time and rest according to the individual child’s rest patterns.

The small numbers in our Manor Room enable the staff to really get to know each child and their family as individuals. We want to provide parents with as much information as we can about their child’s daily activities, feeding and sleep patterns, to ensure continuity with home. Each family are given a Contact Book which goes home with the child and is brought back the next day that they are with us. In this we record information about the child’s day at Nursery and we encourage parents to share and provide information from home.

In addition each baby has their own Online Learning Journal in which staff enter photographs and will record some of the child’s memorable experiences in the Nursery. This gives parents an opportunity to follow their child’s individual progress and development at nursery.

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