At the age of two the children move into the slightly larger group of ten children in the Leithen Room. The team of three qualified staff, led by Team Leader Lauren bring a number of years of experience to an exciting age group, guiding them through the challenges of sharing toys, learning to express their wishes and needs, potty training, and learning to socialise with others.

In the Play Area of the Leithen Room the children have freedom to draw, paint and mark make. They can explore a wide variety of malleable and fluid materials through playdough, water and sand. Construction skills are developed with wooden block play and construction toys as well as gluing and junk modelling. This is an age where children start to express themselves and test out their understanding of the world around them through dressing up and role play in the Home corner. Stories and books are always on hand in the Story corner plus plenty of jigsaws and puzzles.

Immediately after lunch the children have a quiet time and an opportunity to sleep (if appropriate for the child). Sleep mats and fleecy blankets are provided for this purpose. As with the Manor Room the Leithen Room opens outdoors directly onto a verandah, and the children have regular daily opportunities to play outside both on the verandah and in the Nursery Garden, climbing, digging, and enjoying the freedom to explore Nature.

We try to ensure the best possible outcomes for each child and this means that we want to get to know the whole family. Staff will always be available to receive information and to pass on information when children arrive at nursery and when they are collected. Daily updates and general news of what is happening in Nursery are shared with parents through our communication app. The member of staff on duty will also give verbal feedback to a parent when they collect their child. In addition, staff use the communication app to record photographs and experiences in the nursery. These are shared with the children as well as with the parents and carers throughout the year and give the opportunity to record and follow the child’s progress and development at Nursery.

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